What some of our guests have to say about their 3E experience

When you are ill and your illness is a serious one, it is very difficult to decide which way to go. What path to choose and what would be the best choice for you.
If you think chemotherapy isn’t a “therapy” but a poison that will destroy the good cells in your body, that will take away your power without having the certainty of solving your problems and at last reducing your tumor, just think of the alternative solutions.
The 3E-Program is one of the best, I consider it to be the best.
We are all creatures of nature, but our stressful life lets us forget that. We need to return to the natural ways of living as we must be in harmony with natures laws. Spending 4 weeks at the 3E Center is the best you can do for your health. You will find all the help you need to recover from your illness. The 3E-Program is great protocol for your body, mind and soul. You will learn and practice wonderful techniques to heal yourself. Don’t miss it!
You will thank yourself for such a great gift.

Cristina Ionescu
August 2017

From hearing the news of my diagnosis and understanding that the mainstream medical field, for good intention, have a specific way of dealing with my condition, I wanted to know “why” I found myself with cancer. They had no answers and there is no cure to cancer, but people survive!!
At the 3E-Center I found explanations, that things that had been in my life so far had contributed to me having this diagnosis.
On realization of all the reasons and with the excellent help of physician my mental therapies, I have looked back at my time here in wonderment and a new outlook and excitement for my new life I will create.
With thanks to everyone at the 3E-Center.

Drew Chalmers
August 2017

Joining this Center needed some courage to make the decision. For me, I found much more than what I expected, and I think I am so lucky that I made this decision which will radically change my life to the better for me and for all my beloved ones, especially for my wife.
One thing I noticed here, that all the people are working here as a big well-organized team in a very friendly and kind way to help the residents achieve the goals they came here for.
Another thing, that the food was very delicious and well prepared and served.
Everyone was so happy and grateful for the chefs. I think that the ingredients and herbs are all so well mixed with love and kindness. The food was so delicious to everyone.
Thank you all for all the effort you are paying., this place is not meant for making money, they are really trying to help others and do something to change the world.

Ahmad Badwais
July 2017

Once I did my research on the best place to come to heal myself, I knew the 3E-Centre was  just the place for me.
I was extremely pleased with all the staff, the very comprehensive and well thought out program and the food was outstanding. The accommodations, and the beautiful location were very much enjoyed.
I can´t recommend the Centre highly enough. With love and BIG hugs to all!

For the past five weeks I have learnt from a very competent therapist how to take my life back in hand after my diagnosis. I have met lovely people here who have made a great deal of effort to make me feel at ease and comfortable. I can only recommend it.

Dear Readers,
The diagnosis of cancer tore me from my secure private and professional environment like a bolt of lightning. I had given support and hope to so many lovely people (parents and friends) with the disease and had always hoped: not me!

Well, and then suddenly this – everything shook around me in my satisfied and happy life, which could not have been better.

If it had not been for this 3E Centre, I would be psychologically KO’d, not to mention the physical toll that chemo, radiation, hormone and antibody therapy has taken on me.
Instead of this I discovered Lothar Hirneise’s book ‘Chemotherapy Cures Cancer and the Earth is Flat’ which brought me back to earth from my shocked state. The more I read, the more I wanted to learn about energy, elimination of toxins and the eating plan. The internet site ‘3E-Program’ took me straight to the Buocher Hoehe, what a stroke of luck!

Today, after the wonderful weeks there, I can say that I am back to my old self and much besides. Worries and cares about the future after the diagnosis are no longer my companions. From there I have learnt a lot more about what enriches my life and makes it more meaningful (as it actually already was, or so I thought at least).

We guests, (so we are called in this caring and friendly atmosphere in the house) felt secure from the first moment, away from the panic evoking hospitals, and only just managed to get the ground back under our feet. Get to grips with everything then start making it better, and above all become healthy.

It is clear to me now; this diagnosis was my opportunity to recognise and deal with circumstances which were making me ill (i.e. extreme stress). I would never have managed it alone – surrounded by doubt, fear uncertainty and panic. The seminars, therapists and discussions were particularly useful and hit their mark and they helped me towards a healthy life, of this I am convinced.

I wish all those who read these lines don’t be intimidated and worried by what the medical profession says, although they are acting to the best of their knowledge. Just take this short time 5 weeks in comparison to the conventional recommended treatments to find out how it can be done.

I, at least, would never embark on a course of chemo treatment or similar in future. I thank the team at the 3E centre and you all, all the best and good luck!

I came to the 3E-Centre in Buocher Hoehe in August 2014. Diagnosis: breast cancer. I was operated on, no chemo no radiation and no hormone treatment. My morale was rock bottom. On the internet I found the 3E – Centre and decided to go down this road. I was lovingly received. The food was really delicious and I was astounded by how many dishes can be created without meat. I took on the oil-protein diet, rid myself of toxins and worked on my state of mind with mental training and yoga.This did me a lot of good, and I went home feeling fully recovered. At home I continued with the program I had learnt. If I had doubts before, they were totally blown away here at the 3E Centre. It was, for me, the best and most important decision I have made to go this way.

I have brought two things from the 3E program:
1. I have become totally well again.
2. My life has changed, so that I now live in the present moment.

If I had my time again I would make the same decision to take a five week stay at the 3E- Centre. To me, everything was very positive! 100% confident I made the right decision.

The stay at the 3E – Centre has done my love, spirit and soul a lot of good. The house radiates good energy that affected me straight away. The high quality of the therapy, suggestions and seminars has greatly impressed me.

I enjoyed the time at the 3E-Centre very much. At the time there were 9 guests, so it was a manageable group so that you could really speak in confidence. We all got on really well and of course we learnt and changed a lot. In particular regarding the detox, Budwig nutrition, and the psychological energy boosting work. What did me particularly good, was the total retreat from work – related stress and being taken on and supported so fantastically by the team. A typical day included the following: Fitness in the day (physiotherapy) papimi-therapy, mental training, colonic hydro or therapy music or laughing yoga or also meditation. At first I thought that the program involved having far too much free time, but after a few days I found the free time very pleasant. It allowed you to reinforce things that you had learned or to go for a walk, this is something that everyone should do to get the optimum benefit from the Budwig eating plan.  In my case I had elevated levels of PSA (many tests inside many weeks) and an MRI scan showed 1 cm large carcinoma of the prostate. Since I had already come across the subject of cancer and alternative treatment methods I decided not to have a biopsy done even if it had made it 100% certain that it was cancerous. I simply did not want to take the risk of developing metastases through the biopsy. After leaving the 3E Centre I have consequently used what I have learnt and during 3 tests my levels of PSA have fallen (and are now within normal parameters) so that soon I will be back at my former low levels. I would recommend a stay at the 3E – Centre to anyone, who is ready to make changes, because when nothing changes, nothing is changed, meaning that the cancer also will not disappear. On this note, I wish you all the best. Much love and once again thank you to the whole 3E team!

After the big operation and shock of the diagnosis I came here demoralised, weak and depressed. Today after just 5 weeks of the 3E Program I feel like the many flourishing trees around the house: invigorated, strengthened, with a zest for life and happy. I am on my way to being healed. I am grateful for the competent and lovely therapists and also for the wonderful contact and discussions with the other guests. Above all I am grateful for the great chefs, who put together the oil-protein food in a way that was so tasty and appetising. I am already looking forward to the refresher week.

In case one should come to a point in his life, where no one (from a certain branch of the profession) says things like ‘it will be all right again. You are lucky!,’ it is really good to know that there is a place like this centre where they believe in the person and his cure!

I would like to thank the staff from the bottom of my heart for the extraordinarily friendly reception in January 2013. I was able to get to know people who were really of the same mind as me and I noticed clearly that money was not the focus of everything. The pleasant atmosphere and the closeness to nature have done me a lot of good. The alternative way that was demonstrated to me has widened my spiritual horizon. I have found out things that have put my previous life into a different light. My former attitudes, when seen from my new stance, have a totally different value. My future way of looking at things will certainly change things in a positive way for those around me and as a consequence for me too. I can only say, thank God that I was able to go this way and I am very confident that this uniquely logical attitude will be helpful. Actually I am doing really well and I wish the whole of the 3E – Centre all the best!

I came to the 3E – Centre in Remshalden-Buoch for the 5 week program on 7th January 2013. I had just had a big operation for ovarian cancer together with three weeks of horror in a hospital, a conventional oncology rehab and the generous offer of taking part in some new treatment as a guinea-pig in the Ago Ovar 17 study. In this study they wanted to trial the combination of paclitaxel, carboplatin and bevacizumab compared with paclitaxel, carboplatin and bevacizumab (not a typing error!) where the standard treatment was paclitaxel and carboplatin. This is according to the wonderful scientifically tested therapy options! It was then clear to me, that I needed a non-toxic option, since I had already been poisoned enough…..the recommendation of Mrs Moritz was lovely and did me a lot of good personally. She took the time with me so that soon all my thoughts were in disarray, could I really endure five more weeks of incarceration? (This is how I felt about the former stay at the hospital and rehab). The house is very pleasantly designed with a magnificent view around it, it is peaceful and the staff are exceptionally friendly; everything breathed an atmosphere of relaxation and acceptance. In short, I felt very welcome. We were a solid group of eight people and during the course of those five weeks more were added to our group, even from England and Israel. The treatments were explained thoroughly and you were always able to ask questions. In between the exercises there was always plenty of free space to compare notes with the other guests or to just take time for yourself. How refreshing is was to not always have to explain or justify why you are not having chemo, but to instead talk about what delicious sauce there would be on the latest Budwig-menu….
I found the rule that your partner could stay at the week fantastic. You could not get this quality of food and staff even in a 4 – Star hotel. And finally it was just about life, that we are all paying two-fold for everything, because from our social health care contributions, all we are getting is cures with poison, but the 3E – Centre can’t do anything about this. As an alternative to our health service mafia, an oasis like this can flourish. I am thankful that this place exists and that I invested a few Euros in myself and I could not have got a better rate of return anywhere else. This must be the banker in me talking. Of course it was not all achieved in the five weeks, it is an introduction and a protected time and space, to gain and try out a new perspective then to integrate it in your life. Even when doing homework you are not left alone, because you get super-fast answers to emails.

Upshot: In my opinion now I would never have consented so easily to the operation and would have gone to the 3E-Centre as the first step. Recently an acquaintance said to me that it was very brave to opt not to have chemo. I said to him ‘on the contrary I think that it is extremely brave to have chemo, after everything I have read about it, I don’t trust it anymore! I am physically very well, mentally I have still a long way to go but it is not just about today and tomorrow. In any case in the last follow–up my tumour-marker CA125 has fallen from 1,608 to 30 (values under 30 are considered normal!)
All the best to you at Buoch.