Step 1: Apply

Get all informations about our program here.
Complete the sent medical questionnaire as comprehensively as possible and return to us, including all of your medical documents, via email, post or fax.

Step 2: Validate

We will look at your paperwork and decide whether it is possible for us to admit you onto our program.

Step 3: Confirm

The appointment which has been made for you will be verified and then finally confirmed. This will become a binding agreement. You will receive all payment informations.

What should you bring with you to the program?

Before you arrive you will receive a list with details of everything you will need to bring for your stay. There won’t be any surprises, so you can have a relaxing journey and look forward to a wonderful time at our Centre.


Our Centre is not a hospital

Guests should be able to tend to their own needs themselves (washing, dressing, eating etc.). Otherwise they must bring someone to accompany them.

You should be able to carry out the elements of the program independently

Our guests should be mentally capable of participating in lectures, seminars and discussion and certain mental exercises regularly and independently, such as meditation, discovery of the inner self and visualisation techniques.

You should be physically fit enough to…

You should be sufficiently physically fit enough to take in energy-boosting food and to undergo detoxifications measures such as bathing.


We work together with local doctors, practitioners and therapists, and during your time here you will have Monday to Friday from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm always access to medical advice and support.


For the 3E therapy part of the program: 3E-Gesundheitszentrum für ganzheitliche Therapien Buocher Höhe UG.

For the board and lodging part of the program: Seminarzentrum Buocher Höhe GmbH