It is still assumed that it is sufficient to treat an illness on a physical level with risky toxic material and surgical operations and then one can be healthy again. We do not share this opinion.

Find out more information – make an informed decision.

Why do thousands of Universities in other countries turn to holistic methods, whereas in most German universities the professors are not even aware of them? Is it really true that there are only 5 cancer treatments? With us, you will discover that our curriculum is internationally accredited and unpatented treatments are far better than was previously known. There are, in the case of cancer, alternative treatments – holistic cancer treatments.

The focus is on people

The latest scientific discoveries of the 21st Century show clearly that cancer cells are not the ‘degenerative and evil’ things that we previously thought, but are much more adapted and regulated. The assumption, therefore, that tumour cells should immediately be destroyed with poisons and irradiation must be disputed. We predominantly use energizing techniques, together with physical intervention, with the aim of stimulating the body’s self-healing abilities.

Holistic Aspect

Ever more cancer patients now realize that tumours are a symptom. With us, you will learn why tumours are part of a genial regulation system from an evolutionary perspective and that a person is not healthy simply because his tumour has been destroyed.


We are an institution, perhaps even one of the few worldwide, which is completely independent: independent of medical insurance, associations and pressure groups. We have the freedom to offer you a wider range of knowledge and information. Independence is very important to us. We believe that each person has the right to choose and decide for themselves. This is only meaningful, however, if they have all the relevant information.

Assuming responsibility

We would like to pass on our knowledge to you and to reinforce self-determination, enabling you to assume responsibility for your own body. You will then be able to find your own way, independently and without outside influence.