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3E Centre – Alternative Cancer Programme

We would like to welcome you personally to our 3E world. Here you will benefit from 19 years of experience, research and development, based on the work of Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Johanna Budwig. We will guide you through the highly specialised elements which we have carefully selected and put together to create this unique programme, the  3E programme.

Klaus Pertl
Klaus PertlMind Coach, co-founder and head of the 3E Centre.
Lothar Hirneise
Lothar HirneiseCo- founder of the 3E Centre, cancer researcher, author and a former pupil of Dr Johanna Budwig.


Perhaps you have just received a cancer diagnosis from your oncologist, which has caused your world to fall apart? Or your oncologist has just told you that despite the most comprehensive treatments you have received, metastases have appeared all over your body? And with all the shocking reports about the ineffectiveness of chemotherapy, radiation and other conventional methods, you are now thinking about other treatment options and are considering alternative cancer therapies?

Whatever brought you to our website we are pleased to introduce you to our carefully designed approach, our skilled team and our holistic therapy centre in the idyllic countryside of Remshalden-Buoch (in South Germany – near Stuttgart).


Under the leadership of Klaus Pertl, our experienced specialist staff work to support our guests in a safe and relaxed atmosphere, and work with them to create tailored individual programmes. Internationally renowned cancer researcher and co-founder of 3E, Lothar Hirneise, has been applying effective alternative cancer therapies for many years. The successful work of our centre is based on the knowledge and experience he gathered from all over the world and from studying with Dr Budwig herself.

The highly effective Oil Protein Diet, created by the distinguished scientist Dr Johanna Budwig, stands alongside other effective detox measures, to form the heart of our program. The final component involves eliminating stressful emotions and building trust and confidence in your own abilities. We work with you in a safe and protected environment to find out the reason for your cancer. At the end of the day, chronic diseases, of which cancer is one, are an indication that something is out of balance in your life. We help to reset that balance with our alternative cancer program, by both addressing the tumour as a symptom and establishing and dealing with the problem at the root cause. It is essential to establish the cause of the cancer and address it, to ensure the best results.

During the five week programme you will not only learn powerful stress management techniques, but also how to remove mental blocks and create an ongoing self-help process. You will develop an individualised life plan which you can put into effect easily and confidently when back home, thus returning feeling energised and empowered.

Dr. Susanne Bennett talking to Lothar Hirneise about the Oil Protein Diet